Our retirement plan advisors will take you through a six step process that focuses on your company or non-profit's needs, objectives and goals:

1.  Analyze Your Current Position – Perform a thorough review of your company or non-profit's needs, objectives and goals, then evaluate the suitability of your current plan recordkeeper and administrator in light of those parameters.

2.  Plan Design – Create a well-diversified portfolio of assets to match your risk/return parameters and formalize your specific investment objectives with a customized written Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

3.  Recordkeeper and Administrator Benchmarking – Complete a multi-step screening process using a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures.

4.  Implement Recommendations – Identify and select an appropriate new plan recordkeeper and administrator, if necessary, and supervise the conversion and implementation.

5.  Employee Communications – Conduct enrollment meetings and ongoing employee education.

6.  Ongoing Advice and Monitoring – Monitor investment portfolio performance and ERISA compliance to make sure everything is in line with your expectations, objectives and goals.