Communication and Education

401(k) & 403(b) Fiduciary Advisors recognizes that effective employee communication and education is critical to the success of a company's retirement plan. It is important that a company or non-profit provide a consistent program of investment education to employees before and after they enroll. We work with the plan sponsor to determine the most appropriate communication and educational programs for their employees.

Our enrollment specialists conduct initial and on-site enrollment meetings to explain your retirement plan in detail, answer any questions your employees might have and assist your employees in the enrollment process. As your company or non-profit grows and you add new employees, our enrollment specialists will conduct new enrollment meetings as well as ongoing education seminars for other employees. All the materials are customized for your company. Multi-lingual representatives and enrollment materials are also available.

Our employee communication and education programs provide plan sponsors with the award-winning websites, enrollment and education materials needed to manage a company or non-profit's fiduciary responsibility, and increase employee understanding and plan participation.