Plan Design

401(k) & 403(b) Fiduciary Advisors will review the design and operational features of your company or non-profit's plan and provide solutions.

As change is constant, it is critical that the legal, compliance and design aspects of your plan are current.

Plan design begins with a thorough analysis of each employer's current plan and future needs along with employee demographics. We utilize an organized and systematic, yet personalized approach to help you make the most appropriate decisions regarding your retirement plan. Some plan design questions reviewed in our plan design analysis include:

  • How much of the employee deferral will be matched (if any at all)?
  • How long is the employee eligibility period?
  • How often a deferral change may be made?
  • The number of investment options to be offered?
  • How often the investment choices may be changed?
  • Will the plan provide for participant loans and if so, how much and how often?